Being born in Vienna Austria to Colombian parents and growing up in between different cultures, languages and ways of thinking has shaped my artistic approach and practice. Educated in languages and sociocultural studies, in the field of dance and performance, specialized in performative practices, and having a strong meditation and healing practice, I have accumulated innumerous experiences of bridging contexts within performing, making, teaching, and assisting processes–artistic and healing. I work across mediums and formats, continuously expanding the borders of what something can be–be that a field, a role, a category, a concept, or the way reality is thought.

I pursue a fluid way of perceiving and relating to the world replacing the notion of fixed identities by mobile relationalities. Displacing, de-constructing and layering meanings, questioning and enlarging what is assumed as performative or performative spaces, blurring process and product, I currently ask myself: What is the process entailed in seeing and perceiving differently that allows for spaces to open up within ourselves and within a conception of the world and how is that new understanding able to be reflected in the way of thinking performance? These questions are entangled with a long-term desire to find ways for performative strategies to become means for societal processes of transformation.