The title the gap in between, points towards a non definable and graspable space that in its liminal quality escapes rigid structures and categorical thinking. It is an active search for new perceptions and mind spaces allowing for several concurrent meanings, directions, and ways of perceiving something to co-exist within the same frame. We create a malleable space in a con- tinuous construction and de-construction of roles, approaches, and perspectives, disrupting expected procedures within theater conventions. Bringing a sense of mobility into all aspects of the performance, we aim at creating. an unpredictable space that gets all participants to remain open, in the potential of what can happen.

We blur the role between audience and performer, play with the borders of process and product, theatre space and reality, while creating a hybrid format of a performance that encompasses, interactive, instructional and installational features.

The gap in between is an invitation to remain in a flexible mindset and move outside of a comfort zone beyond attachments of how something has been, should be or is desired to be. It is a being here and now with all it entails.

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